Our Team

Artistic Director 

David Berthold 

Chief Executive Officer

Valmay Hill


Paul Spiro, Chair
Philip Bacon AM, Deputy Chair

Cory Heathwood
Ian Klug AM
Simon Morrison
Amanda Newbery
Mick Power AM
Alison Smith
Professor Mandy Thomas
Chris Tyquin


Stefan Greder, Program Director 
Megan Andrews, Program Assistant
Troy Armstrong, Producer 
Aaron Austin-Glen, Associate Producer 
Alexander Butt, Associate Producer
Damien Cassidy, Producer 
Zinia Chan, Logistics Administrator 
Joshua Cook, Program Intern 
Sarah Farnsworth, Program Intern
Carlia Fuller, Logistics Intern
Edwina Guinness, Associate Producer 
Alyssa Kielty, Program Administrator and Associate Producer
Bebe Majstorovic, Program Intern
Metal McCammon, Resources Coordinator 
Ashleigh McCready, Program Intern
Kat Murphy, Associate Producer
Skye Murphy, Logistics Manager
Giannina Periz, Senior Producer 
Anna Reeder, Logistics Intern
Madison Stevenson, Assistant Producer
Emily Sweeney, Producer 
Stu Syme, Logistics Coordinator, Ground Transport
Chris Twite, Contemporary Music Programmer
Natasha Walford, Program Intern 
Courtney Wild, Logistics Coordinator, Ground Transport



Tim Pack, Technical Director 
Aidan Ayunon, Technical Secondment
Anne Boyd, WHS Coordinator
Lew Bromley, Operations Manager 
Matt Burke, Technical Secondment
Nick Engler, Technical Manager 
Michael Gill, Technical Secondment
Erin Handford, Technical Coordinator
Simon Hardy, Technical Coordinator 
Madi Hirini, Technical Secondment
Katie Hurst, Technical Coordinator
Ian Johnson, Senior Technical Manager 
Nicola Jones, Technical Coordinator
Louisa Lachi, Technical Administrator
Ryan Lautenbacher, Technical Manager 
Amy McKenzie, Site Design Manager 
Dale Norris, Technical Secondment
Isaac Ogilvie, Technical Secondment
Maddi Penglis, Technical Secondment
Aimee Pouzet, Technical Secondment 
Terri Richards, Technical Manager
Michael Richardson, Technical Manager 
Brittany Spooner-Jackson, Technical Secondment
Donovan Wagner, Technical Coordinator
Pat Walker, Signage Coordinator


Danica Bennett, Business Development Director
Kirsty Adams, Corporate Hospitality Coordinator 
Ellen Axford, Functions Intern
Fabienne Cooke, Philanthropy Manager
Phoebe Rouse, Business Development Manager
Adele Rowsell, Business Development Coordinator 
Jenny Usher, Philanthropy Administrator


Justin Grace, Marketing and Communications Director
Carrie Barber, Marketing Manager 
Alice Crockett Cousin, Ticketing Assistant 
Kristina Doyle, Motion Graphics Intern 
Anna Duhs, Ticketing Intern

Bryony Hall, Marketing Executive
Jen Hall, Content Creation Coordinator
Kimberley Lovejoy, Marketing Coordinator 
Ellie Price, Marketing Intern
Faye Sakura Rentoule, Social Media Specialist
Ashley Symonds, Ticketing Manager
Zoe White, Digital Marketing Manager


Rebecca Drummond, Finance Director / Company Secretary
Lorelle Edwards, Finance Assistant


Julia Herne, Administration Manager 
Alan Boyle, Administration Intern 
Marcia Ferreira, Administration Intern
Matarley Hutchison, Administration Assistant 
Ashleigh Morton, Volunteers Administrator
Zachary Reimers, Administration Coordinator
Luke Smitheram, Volunteers Program Intern




P4 Group


Atmosphere Photography


Raelene Baker (Chair)
Nancy Bamaga
Bob Wetherall
Bridget Garay
Michelle Tuahine

Sunsuper riverfire creative team

Gordon Hamilton, Sunsuper Riverfire Soundtrack
Foti International, Fireworks

Giving Committee 

Chair - Thomas Bradley QC
Heidi Cooper
Regina Cotter
Simon Morrison
Ben Poschelk
Courtney Talbot
Andrew Tynan


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