Cloud Tangle

Cloud Tangle

Cloud Tangle is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist and producer Amber Ramsay, which combines visual media and composition to evoke a mood equally devastating and beautiful.

The project formed in late 2014 and founded its relevance in 2016 through live shows in Brisbane. Stemming from bedroom focused production and minimalistic instrumentation; the project forms its own unique sound that falls into a lo-fi dream pop genre with elements of shoe gaze and orchestral instrumentation. Ethereal vocals soar above silky guitar melodies and heartbreaking string sections, dragging you ever downward into a subdued, grimly content atmosphere. The sonic elements draw on timelessness and rawness, while each song's context stems from a much deeper concept provoked by dark human emotion.

Cloud Tangle initially formed a following through regularly released, free to download tracks online, which were followed by debut release POCKET in 2017. Since then, many of these songs have spread to many corners of the internet in many countries around the globe. The ever evolving output of material aims to create the ultimate delivery of music and art as one. The project has took a developmental shift over the last year during the releases of both debut album Kinds of Sadness and second EP Falling Asleep. With a live band arrangement of orchestral dream pop partnered with gritty visuals there will likely be some groundswell towards a live performance of these releases.

Ramsay’s production style takes influence from the likes of Lana Del Rey, Beach House, Radiohead and Warpaint. Being the sole performer, writer and producer is within the hopes to elevate the rise in DIY artists and encourage others to pursue their creative passion independently.

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