#Lontano is an Italian term, connoting distance. It is also the name of a musical duo from Australia whose members share Italian heritage and a passion for spacious, earthy, alt-country storytelling.

Featuring Anthony Dettori (The Sunburys) and Roz Pappalardo (Women in Docs, The Soldier’s Wife), Lontano explores the concept of distance both thematically and in practical terms, with songs written collaboratively in defiance of immense geographic separation. They navigate diverse landscapes and ways of seeing, to unearth common threads of human experience.

The result is a rapidly expanding catalogue of engaging and impactful songs about the human journey, the space between people, feelings of remoteness and emotional perspective.

No matter where you are, Lontano offers a connection that is not so much a tether, but a wave of solidarity, based on a shared understanding that somewhere in the world there will always be someone else who feels the same way.

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