Important notice for rock climbers: Kangaroo Point exclusion zone

Kangaroo Point rock face has been selected as an end point for laser beams as part of Brisbane Festival’s Sunsuper Night Sky installation.

For your safety, rock climbing is not permitted on Kangaroo Point cliffs during:

• 7pm – 9pm Wednesday 2 September

• 7pm – 9pm Thursday 3 September

• 7pm – 9pm Friday 4, 11, 18 & 25 September

• 7pm – 9pm Saturday 5, 12, 19 & 26 September

Brisbane Festival apologises for any inconvenience this may cause.

Sunsuper Night Sky is the largest and brightest laser display of its kind in Australian history. We hope you enjoy seeing the cliffs in a whole ‘new light’!

#About Sunsuper Night Sky

Brisbane Festival and Brisbane City Council is working with Oracle Liquid, a highly regarded laser specialist company with over 20 years of experience, to present Sunsuper Night Sky, a very unique and historic laser display created by audio-visual artist Robin Fox.

Sunsuper Night Sky is the largest and brightest laser display of its kind in Australian history which means you will certainly experience visuals like you’ve never seen before - including beams appearing to curve in the sky or seeming to travel in unusual directions and paths. This design creates many optical illusions due to the characteristics of the specific lasers and how they interact with each other in the sky.

You will see lasers travelling across the sky into the distance for many kilometres (up to 20-30km away) as well as terminating on a thousand surfaces across the city. The display is made up of many powerful laser systems and the installation is managed by a team of Laser Safety Officers and designed in conjunction with the Laser Artist to deliver a totally safe experience compliant to all regulations.

All termination points in the mountains have been individually calculated for safety under the regulation 2.5milli watts per cm2. There are many lasers terminating onto building surfaces within the city which are all inaccessible by people, and every point is monitored by a team of spotters located on each building to ensure safety, with the capability to terminate any laser at a moment’s notice.

Kangaroo Point rock face as been selected as an additional terminating point. As a result, we will stop all climbing adventures for the two hour period of the display, with security monitoring this area to maintain this as a temporary climbing exclusion zone.

Brisbane Festival takes its responsibility very seriously in regard to social and environmental impact in all aspects of its program delivery. We are committed to operating under strict procedures and protocols.

Due to the distance that the laser is travelling (which adheres to regulations) it will have no ocular damage on humans or native wildlife. The installation is temporary, the beams are not continuous and there is no long term exposure to the laser beam at any point.

Consultation and approval has occurred with all appropriate regulators in the planning and delivery of Sunsuper Night Sky. This planning has involved Brisbane police, TMR (Transport and Main Roads Authority), CASA and Air Services Australia.

All air traffic above the display elevation of 1000ft is unaffected, in addition lower air traffic will be diverted around the display. The display will be shut-down in specific zones to allow for unimpeded travel for any emergency aircraft.

Further details on how to experience this unique work , including walking circuits, and how to listen to Robin Fox’s composition to accompany the work each night, can be found here (link to Sunsuper Night Sky page)

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