Katie Noonan

Boldly Brisbane Artist
Katie Noonan

Katie Noonan has set local and world stages alight since her debut role in a children’s opera at Brisbane’s Metro Arts, aged seven.

“This was also around the time my love affair with pop music began, care of my pocket money savings and the awesome Rocking Horse Records on Adelaide Street,” Katie revealed.

From a pianist to a vocalist; classical music to pop and contemporary; band member to soloist; performer to producer; artist to artistic director, Katie has forged a formidable path through the arts industry yet she continues to draw inspiration and strength from those who have blazed their own trails.

“I am a fiercely proud Brisbane and Queensland artist and think we make some of the best art in the world, hands down,” the five-time ARIA Award-winner said.

“We’re renegades - we lead, we don’t follow. I think the fighting spirit of the artists of the ‘70s and ‘80s lives on in our creative DNA. We don’t want to sound or look like other people; we want to be unique

“We also benefit enormously from having the highest percentage of First Nations people here in Queensland and those centuries of storytelling, song-making and art-making live here among us, filling us with inspiration and strength.”

As two-time Artistic Director of Queensland Music Festival, Katie actively championed local talent.

“I was determined to prove that you could make a festival that was hugely successful but also keep the majority of the budget here at home, rather than sending it overseas or interstate.”

A veteran of four Brisbane Festival productions with her bands george and Elixir, Katie said it was local programming rather than international productions that piqued her creative interest.

“It’s been long overdue for a woman to steer the vision and, in particular, someone with an authentic history with this part of the world. 

“Slowly that cultural cringe is changing and I am really excited.”

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