The Ancient Bloods

The Ancient Bloods

The Ancient Bloods are an interchanging band that delivers music projects as part of Digi Youth Arts mentoring platform for Indigenous young people.

With each project, The Ancient Bloods deliver a recorded work adding to an anthology that responds to political issues, cultural heritage and identity. 

The current iteration of The Ancient Bloods is a part of the where we stand project and is made up of Nadia Morrison, Michaella Stubbs, Cormac Finn, Will Probert and Loki Liddle. Over the past year the team have been developing their new album under the close mentorship of DYA lead artist Luke Daniel Peacock. 

The new album covers a diverse range of genres, stories and styles as each member of the band responds in their own unique way to their relationship with country and place. The members worked together closely to aid in the development of each other's songs, resulting in a collaborative and connected body of work that unites their voices and delivers a powerful message.

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