Artistic Director, Digi Youth Arts

Alethea Beetson

Alethea is a Kabi Kabi/Gubbi Gubbi + Wiradjuri writer, director and creative producer who has worked with Indigenous communities across multiple art forms to inspire new works responding to societal issues, cultural heritage and colonisation.

Alethea Beetson

Cultural resurgence and ancestral connection drive Alethea Beetson, both professionally and personally.

The artist and producer is a proud Kabi Kabi and Wiradjuri woman determined to stay connected to her community and use every available space to speak her truth.

This led to her founding Digi Youth Arts to share stories, advocate, create change and mentor the next generation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural and artistic leaders.

“I find the Indigenous arts community here incredibly supportive, innovative and connected and I have been lucky to be supported by the Aunties, Uncles, Brothers and Sisters of the community,” Alethea said.

“So many people paved the way for me to be doing the work that I do here now and I think all of us are aware of that. 

“Thanks to the work of our elders and leaders, there is a widening of space for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and creatives.

“We consistently acknowledge those who have gone before us, each other and those to come next.”

Alethea moved from Toowoomba to Brisbane in 2001 to study Creative Industries and Education and after a stint as a drama, English and Indigenous support teacher, took on the role of Indigenous Engagement Coordinator at the Queensland Museum. 

“I was able to work with some incredible First Nations curators, artists and mentors (and) their contribution to my ability to work here shaped my career significantly.” 

The theatre-maker, dramaturg, curator and artistic director has also worked with BIGSOUND, Brisbane Street Art Festival, Yonder and Horizon Festival and singled out Brisbane’s music scene for particular praise.

“I love the capacity for music here: from the deep history of Indigenous sounds, to political protest, to pop songs that are so identifiable to this place.”

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