#Disability Inclusion Action Plan

Brisbane Festival is proud to have developed our Disability Inclusion Access Plan and is committed to fostering an inclusive and accessible celebration of arts and culture. This transformative plan embodies our dedication to ensuring that people with disabilities have equal access to and participation in all aspects of the festival. By embracing diversity and removing barriers, we aim to create an environment where everyone can fully engage, appreciate, and celebrate the arts.

Brisbane Festival would like to acknowledge the assistance and input of the many contributors to the creation of this document. These contributors include members of the disability community, employees of Brisbane Festival, and employees of Access and Inclusion Partner, CPL – Choice, Passion, Life.

The document is available in the following formats:

The document is also hosted by CPL - Choice, Passion, Life, on their website.

View on CPL website.

If you require this document in a different format, please contact us at

#Accessible Events

Finding and Booking Accessible Events

All venues have dedicated seating options for patrons with individual needs and their guests.

You can search for accessible shows using the accessibility filters on our What's On page, and the accessibility symbols below also feature in the printed Brisbane Festival program and on event web pages.

Some accessibility options may only relate to performances on specific dates, as listed on the event page.

Booking Tickets

Bookings for patrons with individual needs can only be made with venue box office staff over the phone and all necessary information must be provided at the time of booking.

Please see the contact phone numbers and opening hours of each venue on their dedicated venue page linked above.

Companion Cards

Brisbane Festival will provide a complimentary ticket to Companion Card holders.

The card holder must provide their Companion Card details when making a booking and present a valid ID card at the venue box office when collecting tickets.

To book a companion complimentary ticket please call the venue of the event you wish to book for. Details for all venues are listed above.

#Accessibility Key

Wheelchair Access

This venue/location is wheelchair accessible or has been made accessible for the Festival. If this symbol is not displayed, access may be limited. Designated wheelchair spaces will be sold at the lowest price in the house for that performance.

Assistive Listening

This venue/location has an assistive listening system installed for use by patrons. Check with the venue for further details.

Auslan Interpreted

This venue/location is providing Auslan interpreted events for patrons. Check Accessibility on each event page for further details. To book tickets with clear sightlines to Auslan interpreters, please email or call (07) 3840 7466.

Audio Description

This service allows blind and vision impaired people to enjoy the show by having trained describers capture in live narration the action, costumes, sets, transitions, gestures, facial expressions and lighting or special effects in a performance. This is transmitted via a discreet headset/earpiece worn by the patron.

Open Captioning

Captions will be displayed on a screen enabling the audience to read what is being said. It is always in view and cannot be turned off.

75% Visual Content

This show has minimal dialogue, some background music and/or sounds, and is classified as 75% Visual Content.

100% Visual Content

This show has no music or dialogue and is classified as 100% Visual Content.

Tactile Tour

This show allows participants who may experience the world differently (such as those who have sensory impairments) to fully immerse themselves in live performances before the curtain rises.

Brisbane Festival expresses deep respect to and acknowledges the First People of this Country.