Carol Lloyd Award Showcase Artist

Ella Fence

Ella Fence is notorious for her musical shape shifting, genre hopping and bending experimentation.

Ella Fence

She is a sonic Sherpa traversing high and low the multitudes of stylistic landscapes.

In mid 2019 the single 'Don’t Feed Monster' was released, a song heralded as Electro Caberet with everything thrown at it including the kitchen sink. Ella’s next single 'Love Me On Purpose' released October 2019 was is slab of beat laden baroque dance groove with the firepower of a triple shot of whiskey neat. She topped off 2019 being nominated at at The Australian Woman In Music Awards in the category of Best Emerging Artist.

February 2020 marked the arrival of Ella Fence's new three-track mini EP 'All I Do Is Think'. The lead song 'Pink Mojitos' is a party anthem meets an ode to to lost love, to not giving a rats and moving on. 

Ella touring relentlessly throughout 2020 embarking on a time honoured tradition of taking it to the streets winning hearts and minds in clubs, bars and pubs throughout Australia. She's also currently doing major supports in addition to her own shows and sees performing as a solution to taking care if business on her own terms.

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