Channelling the ferocity of female-fronted indie rockers Jess Day and Paramore, an air of glittering nostalgia and charming honesty surrounds Brisbane indie-rock singer, Evangie.


Evangie fearlessly cries emotion into every one of her songs, transporting audiences with her expressive, yet vulnerable vocals. Her sound is crafted with painfully honest lyrics infused with catchy melodies and hooks. If heartbreak has a sound – it’s captured wholly in Evangie’s emotive storytelling, connecting with those who relate to her lyrics. 

Evangie is already making her indelible mark on the indie-rock scene; playing in the JMC Showcase at BIGSOUND 2020, and most recently, taking home the Best Overall Performance Award for Brisbane City Council’s 2021 QUBE Effect, landing her a supporting act at The Tivoli.

Playing as a four-piece band infused with searing guitar solos, underlying bass grooves and driving drum beats, it’s only a matter of time before Evangie makes her mark on the indie-rock scene.

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