​Laik is a singer and multidisciplinary artist whose former performance names /alter-egos include Hannah Macklin, MKO Sun and Bastard Amber.

A genre-shifting, medium-shifting designer of sorts, Laik's creativity knows no bounds and she seeks to explore it freely, imparting her sense of wonder and wilderness upon those who experience her. 

Vocally virtuosic, she offers a fresh perspective on soul singing, which in combination with her sophisticated songwriting abilities provides listeners with an exciting and transcendent experience.

Rising to prominence with award-winning electronic project MKO Sun and coming from a jazz background, Laik garnered a reputation for combining cutting-edge technology with choreography and costumes as well as experimenting with the traditional live bill, inviting community acts such as a Taiko drumming ensemble and Butoh dancers to share the stage.

Relocating to Melbourne in 2018, Laik became a key figure in the Melbourne music scene playing/singing for Sky Voltage, Laneous, Quartz Pistol and Danika Smith while continuing to write and record her own material. 

Laik also received the 2016 Grant McLennan Fellowship, with which she travelled to New York City for a three-month sojourn to gather songwriting inspiration.

(Former performance names /alter-egos include Hannah Macklin, MKO Sun and Bastard Amber).

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