Sunsuper give back to the community

10 Sep

Sunsuper give back to the community

Sunsuper has brought joy to the city of Brisbane for the past ten years; displaying commitment to the local arts and entertainment industry through partnership with Brisbane Festival in the presentation of Sunsuper Riverfire.  

Each year – in a captivating display of aerobatics and pyrotechnic colour – Sunsuper Riverfire plays an integral role in Queensland’s major events calendar. 

“It’s a signature, stand-out event for Brisbane which has everyone talking… [Sunsuper Riverfire] has firmly established itself as Australia’s longest and [most] spectacular fireworks display”

Premier and Minister for Trade
The Honourable Annastacia Palaszczuk

Whether you’re throwing a family barbeque, watching on a rooftop or stationed at South Bank, Sunsuper Riverfire brings the community together in one rapturous night of joy.  

Sunsuper Riverfire

Sunsuper Riverfire returns this September to ignite our skyline and wrap up three incredible weeks of Brisbane Festival for yet another year.

Sunsuper Riverfire Art Boat Experience

Sunsuper Riverfire Art Boat Experience

A truly magical, once-in-a-lifetime Sunsuper Riverfire experience aboard Brisbane’s Art Boat!

Northshore, Hamilton

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Wear a mask

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Check in at controlled sites

Check in at controlled sites

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