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4 - 26 Sept | Brisbane



It has been a strange few months for us all, and our daily lives have changed.

We’d like to ask Brisbane's children to share what they think about the past few months, and take a moment to reflect and dream of tomorrow.

A team of brilliant local artists will use these contributions as inspiration for a series of bedtime stories, to be released online for free during Brisbane Festival this September.

Here’s how you and your young people can be a part of this art-making process:

What to do

Download and print an 🗎 A4 activity sheet or find some plain A4 paper.

Talk and draw

Talk with your children about the last few months, what they are missing, what has changed, and how are they feeling.

Ask them to draw a picture capturing some of those thoughts and feelings. Encourage children to use their imagination, or draw something reflective and personal. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • We have all missed seeing people and places this year. Draw a place or person you wish you could visit. (Ages 3+)
  • Have you been wishing for things you can’t have or do? What is your biggest wish for 2020? Draw a picture that shows that wish. (Ages 6+)
  • It has been weird. Maybe this has made you have funny daydreams about other weird and wonderful things. Draw some of the strange things that have happened or that you would like to see happen in 2020? (Ages 7+)
  • There has been so much change lately, some good, some not so good. What changes for the better would you like to see this year? Maybe you made some changes that you like and want to share. Draw a picture of this. (Ages 9+)

For each drawing, ask children to add their first name, age and suburb, and a short description about their drawing: what/who is it? Why did they draw it? Add this the bottom of the page.

(Help younger children find these words, and help older ones with finding really great descriptive language.)

Send it in!

Email a photograph of the drawing to or post copies to Wishful Bedtime Stories, PO Box 384, Fortitude Valley, QLD, 4006.

Submissions close Wednesday 15 July

Extra resources

If you would like some tips, parent and carers resources are available to 🗎 download here.

The free app Evernote can help you take a clear photo of the drawing and reduce shadows.

Terms and Conditions

By submitting an entry you give Brisbane Festival and partners permission to share the work online in context of this project and will not seek recompense for the use of the artwork.


Submissions close 15 July 2020


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